take risks, overcome fears and achieve your potential


Create innovative solutions to real-world problems that are meaningful to you

Develop personal awareness and practical skills to thrive in your college journey

Conquer Zoom fatigue with 80% hands-on interactive activities; develop wide network of peers and learn to collaborate globally for real world situations

Watch the MEP magic!

The Program is based on 3 main principles:

  • Design Thinking: develop breakthrough solutions to difficult problems

  • Business Model Canvas: identify the opportunity, and create a plan to realize it

  • Behavioral Science: develop purpose and resilience skills so you can make global impact

why Join?

  • Learn from a Stanford educator, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, and MEP graduates

  • Learn life skills to pursue what you care about, take risks, and overcome fears

  • Practice collaborating remotely with real-world global teams

  • Develop new solutions for real users and problems that you care about

  • Enhance self-awareness and resilience, and deliver a business pitch

  • Gain authentic experiences that will help in your high school and future college journey


Purpose, Resilience, Innovation

The Meaningful Entrepreneurship Program (MEP) develops entrepreneurship skills that help high school students to create a purposeful high school and college journey. We serve students from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds who learn in the same classroom and work together as teams. Our alumni continue their learning journey after high school by continuing to lead and teach MEP.


Where MEP Grads Have Been ADmitted!

college counselor RECOMMENDATION ...

"My students shared in their college essays how they grew from this experience . This program builds essential problem-solving skills that will be valued later in college life."

- Joan Luber Jacobs, Educational Consultant