WATCH Purpose, Resilience, Innovation in action


Purpose & Resilience by Alondra Lopez Garcia, 2020 Class

East Palo Alto, United States

Nicole Gracie, College Counselor

President, UniVarsity


Purpose by Jocelyn Urbina-Diaz, 2020 Class

East Palo Alto, United States

Resilience by Sofia Upegui, 2019 Class

Medellin, Colombia

Innovation by Rashmi Gaitonde, 2020 Class

Sunnyvale, United States

Purpose by Alex Poroy, 2020 Class

Encinitas, United States

Purpose & Innovation by Juan Pablo, 2017 Class

Bogota, Colombia

Resilience by Maynor Bac-Itzep, 2020 Class

East Palo Alto, United States

"One of the best parts about MEP is how it showed us students that we had many things in common with each other. With some of the activities, we learned our values, interests, and challenges as a class ... Additionally, our work pulled from our personal experiences, and we then discussed them to ultimately develop how we wanted to respond to our issue. Once we had an idea of what we wanted to achieve, we could then put our efforts into creating a solution."

Aatash Pestonjamasp, 2020 Class

San Marcos, United States

independent COLLEGE Counselors

"Two of my students were lucky enough to get a spot in the Meaningful Entrepreneurship Program last summer. Both found it very meaningful and confirmed for them what they wanted to major in college! If your student is lucky enough to land a spot, I highly recommend this program."

Joan Luber Jacobs

Educational Consultant

"The Meaningful Entrepreneurship Program developed my students’ leadership skills and created life-lasting connections! My students shared in their college essays how they grew from this experience. This program builds essential problem-solving skills that will be valued later in college life."